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05/01/2004  - Introducing Mail Redirection Service

Is your ISP blocking SMTP port 25? DNS-Exit introduces Mail Redirection service that starts at only $15.98/year. Mail Redirection dedicates our email server as the primary MX for your domain while emails will be routed to your server at none-standard opened SMTP ports. You get the redundancy to your emails because your emails will be spooled for 5 days on our server while your mail server is unavailable.

07/22/2004  - URL Forwarding New Features

We have introduced 2 new features to URL Forwarding:

  • 1. Forwarding to Https: We have added the option to forward the URL to Https in addition to Http.
  • 2. Meta Tags:Good news for those users who want to submit their URL to searching engines. We have added the option to add Meta Tags to your URL. Meta Tags at DNSEXIT only used when you using cloaking for the URL.

    07/30/2004  - New Feature-Round Robin DNS

    Round Robin DNS is the load balancing technique in which balance power is placed in the DNS server instead of a strictly dedicated machine as other load techniques do. Round robin works on a rotating basis in that server IP address is handed out in rotation. We have introduced this new feature on our DNS service. Round Robin DNS can be setup easily by assigning multiple IPs to the same domain/subdomain name at the DNS setting for the domain.

    08/07/2004  - Wild Card DNS is supported

    We introduce the support for Wild Cart DNS. Now you can specify a host/subdomain name like *.yourdomain.com and assign it an IP. This indicates all undefine host/subdomain will be assigned with that IP address. It is the same in the alias settion. You can specify *.yourdomain.com and alias it to yourdomain.com to assign all undefined hosts/subdomains to alias to yourdomain.com.

    09/08/2004  - Windows Dynamic DNS Client

    We have released our own Dynamic DNS Client for all Windows platforms. The program is free of charge and simple to use. The only data to enter the program is your dnsexit login name and password. You can download the program at http://downloads.dnsexit.com/ipUpdater.zip. The program is still under testing. Please report bugs to support@dnsexit.com.

    10/11/2004  - Supporting TXT Records and Sender Policy Framework(SPF)

    We have upgraded our DNS interface to support TXT Records and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). Since The TXT Record in the DNS interface is hidden by default, you will need to enable TXT records in the Domain Settings section. To know more about Send Policy Framework (SPF) at dnsExit.com, check out this URL address: http://www.dnsexit.com/support/knowledge_base/spf.htm

    11/05/2004  - Introduce Mail Relay Outbound Service

    Today DnsExit announces the availability of Mail Relay Outbound service that provides an authenticated outbound SMTP relay server operating on both standard and non-standard ports (25, 26, 940). The service is beneficial to a traveler on the road, whose ISP does not provide a server which allows remotely authenticated relaying, or whose ISP blocks outbound SMTP port.

    01/20/2005  - ICANN Accredite Netdorm

    DNSEXIT is proud to announce that Netdorm, Inc. has become ICANN Accredited Registrar. We are working on the integration of existing registration directly with ICANN registries. More top TLD domains will be available for registration, which includes .pro and .ws domains. We also plan to bring down the domain registration prices.

    05/26/2005  - Complete the Integration With ICANN Registries

    We have completed the integration with .com, .net, .org, .biz ICANN registries. All new registration of the above top TLD domains will be registered directly through our ICANN Registrar account.

    06/01/2005  - Windows IPUpdater 1.1 Released

    If you are using NT versions of IPUpdater to update your dynamic IP address for your domain. We suggest you upgrade the dyn DNS client to version 1.1. The new version fixes several fatal bugs that you could see in version 1.0.

    06/09/2005  - ipUpdater 1.2 released

    DNSEXIT.com released IpUpdater 1.2. We suggest all ipUpdater users upgrade this software to version 1.2. The previous version of the software may contain bug and fail to update your newest IP to our system.

    09/08/2006  - IpUpdate 1.5 for Linux Released

    DNSEXIT.com released IpUpdater 1.5 for Linux that contains a lot of enhancement for the ipUpdate script. One of the most noticeable changes in the new release is the addition of a setup.pl script that direct you to the account setup process. You can also download the RPM package for easier install.

    10/09/2005  - Emai Hosting Service Released

    DnsExit announces the release of Mail Hosting - a completed email hosting service for your domain. The service allows you to have your domain email addresses and it supports POP3, IMAP and with Webmail access. It has anti-spam, anti virus filters and auto response messages with no additional cost. You purchase the total storage space for your domain emails and it has unlimited mailboxes and mail forwards. Price starts at $19.98 / year.

    10/15/2005  - IpUpdater 1.3 Released

    DNSEXIT.com released IpUpdater 1.3. We suggest all ipUpdater users upgrade this software to this version. The 1.2 version of the software may terminate when the network conection is lost.

    01/26/2006  - Mail Hosting Starting Quota Changed

    Mail Hosting has been raised from starting Quota 25MB to 50 MB with the same starting price at $19.99 / year. All previous sign up for 25MB has been upgraded to 50MB without extra charges.

    02/27/2007  - Web Hosting Available

    Requested by customers to provide more stable web hosting environment than home DSL/Cable Modem connections with dynamic IP, DNS EXIT finally released Web Hosting service. Web Hosting offers our customers an alternative hosting environment to their home DSL/Cable Modem lines. The service comes with Email Hosting and it supports PHP4, PHP5, Perl, Pythod and MySQL databases. Price starts with $2.95/domain/mo for Premium Hosting Plan with 1GB of disk and 50MB Email Space with unlimited emails.

    05/05/2006  - Improvement on Mail Backup and Mail Redirection Services

    We have upgraded our web interface for Mail Backup and Mail Redirections service. Users can now not only check the details of emails such as time, from email, to email, subject, but also read and delete emails queued up on our mail server. Such feature enables you to read your emails even when your email server is down.

    05/05/2006  - Open IP Mail Relay Option

    Mail Relay service, users now have the option to have our mail exchange server open relay for your IP address. The traditional method to use our mail relay service to send emails is using the authentication for your account. Now, we have added additional option that for only $15, you can have our mail server open relay to your IP address.

    07/29/2007  - Introducing Subordinate Accounts Feature

    Subordinate Accounts is convenient tool for IT consultants to manage domains for their clients, who also maintain their own access to their accounts.

    You can add your client's accounts under your account as subordinate accounts. Therefore, your account will become master account over the sub-accounts and you can switch to sub-accounts without knowing their password. In this case, you will be able to manage domains and services for your clients who also have their separate access to their accounts.

    02/25/2008  - Additional name servers are added

    We have added 2 more name servers, ns3.dnsexit.com and ns4.dnsexit.com. If you have not added these 2 name servers to your domain name, please add them. For domains registered at dnsexit.com, we will add these 2 name servers to your domains if they are currently pointing to our name servers.

    03/06/2008  - E-Mail Hosting Now Supports Greylisting

    To enhance anti-spam capabilities for our email system, our E-Mail Hosting now supports Greylisting. You can turn on greylisting for the domain through the Mail Control Panel.

    10/31/2008  - Release of Email Marketing Site - MailRelease.com

    DNS Exit is pleased to announce the launch of new Email Marketing web site MailRelease.com that intends to make email marketing easy from the very beginning. We simplify the process of email marketing from building up your email list to creating emails and from sending out emails to receiving reports. You can create professional emails with our beautifully designed templates; the shining emails will catch your customers' eyes . You will not miss the competitive price and strong functions of our service. What is more,you get a chance for free trial of our products for 60 days. You can test all these functions we provide and enjoy the convenience we offer to you in E-mail marketing.

    11/11/2008  - Free Second-Level Domains available

    DNS Exit now start providing our users free Second-Level Domains that allow you to create a host name that points to either a dynamic or static IP address. The SLD is a fully functioning domain that allows you to create unlimited hosts (third level domains) and even to have its own Mail Exchanger. To have the dynamic IP updated to host automatically, you need to install our Dynamic DNS Clients.

    08/25/2009  - .CN Top Level Domain registration now available

    DNS Exit starts domain registration for .cn domain at $14.95 year. If you have already registered .cn domains, you can transfer the domain to us. The transfer will automatically extend the registration period of your .cn domain one more year.

    01/22/2010  - SRV Records on DNS are supported

    DNS Exit now supports SRV records on the DNS settings. SRV records are used by DNS to allow clients to locate Active Directory related services, like to search active directory you will need the _ldap SRV record. Some others are _dc _gc _pdc etc. At the DNS Panel for each domain, you should see the SRV Record section to manage the SRV of your domain.

    10/01/2011  - Domain Private Registration Available

    Domain private registration is now available for all top level domains. The prices for private domain registration is $1.99/domain/year. You will have the option to forward your contact emails to your email address or you can access the emails through web mail interface.

    11/30/2011  - Access your emails even when your mail server is down

    New feature has been added to Mail Backup service. While your email server is down, you can choose to temporarily forward your domain emails to our mail rescue server where you can access the emails through web mail interface to read and reply your emails. After your mail server comes back online, you can still suck all the emails at the rescue server to your own email server.

    12/26/2012  - DNS Failover & Systems Monitoring Service Launched

    We have released the DNS Failover and Systems Monitoring service that guarantee as soon as your website, service, or internet is offline, all your traffic will be automatically pointed over to a secondary IP at another location. It monitors various critical elements of your servers and will notify you instantly once the server fails at the test



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