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Domain Transfer

It is possible to transfer your domains from other registrars to us so that you can manage everything related to your domain through us.

The transfer will extend 1 year of the registration for the domain.
The transfer is risk free. You get full refund if transfer fails.
The transfer may take approximately 5 calendar days unless you push the current registrar to relay the domain right away.
We are unable to transfer domain names that are expired.
You need to unlock the domain and provide us the authorization code(password) so that we can submit the transfer to the registry


Before continuing, please read this Domain Transfer FAQ regarding the domain transfer process.

     Transfer a domain name to us
www.   .


The transfer fee will extend 1 more year of registration beyond the domain's current expiration date.

region country tld price
.biz $12.95
.cc $34.95
.com $12.95
.info $12.95
.net $12.95
.org $12.95
.tv $34.95
.us $12.95
Europe European Union .eu $9.96
North America Canada .ca $18.24
South America Colombia .co $33.36
Africa British Indian Ocean Territories .io $37.20
Africa Burundi .bi $68.60
Africa Cameroon .cm $115.39
Africa Central African Republic .cf $11.14
Africa Democratic Republic of Congo .cd $75.84
Africa Djibouti .dj $77.93
Africa Gabon .ga $11.14
Africa Libia .ly $116.88
Africa Madagascar .mg $143.52
Africa Malawi .mw $78.96
Africa Mali .ml $11.14
Africa Mauritius .mu $86.52
Africa Mayotte .yt $12.03
Africa Morocco .ma $69.84
Africa Namibia .na $6,465.44
Africa Nigeria .ng $153.24
Africa Republic of Congo .cg $424.42
Africa Rwanda .rw $439.82
Africa Senegal .sn $77.93
Africa Seychelles .sc $116.88
Africa Sierra Leone .sl $78.96
Africa Somalia .so $78.96
Africa South Africa .co.za $9.44
Africa Sudan .sd $203.40
Africa Togo .tg $117.31
Africa Tonga .to $78.96
Africa Uganda .ug $47.76
Asia Afghanistan .af $94.08
Asia Azerbaijan .az $463.22
Asia China .cn $20.94
Asia Hong Kong .hk $51.35
Asia India .in $12.24
Asia Iran .ir $40.46
Asia Japan .jp $38.64
Asia Kazakhstan .kz $27.24
Asia Kyrgyzstan .kg $71.28
Asia Laos .la $40.92
Asia Malaysia .my $45.48
Asia Mongolia .mn $56.16
Asia Pakistan .pk $56.16
Asia Phillipines .ph $56.16
Asia Singapore .sg $47.04
Asia South Korea .kr $30.36
Asia Sri Lanka .lk $39.48
Asia Taiwan .tw $26.28
Asia Tajikistan .tj $59.27
Asia Turkmenistan .tm $124.44
Asia Ukraine .ua $69.24
Asia Uzbekistan .uz $129.00
Asia Vietnam .vn $87.96
Europe Albania .al $28.08
Europe Anguilla .ai $78.96
Europe Armenia .am $40.92
Europe Austria .at $16.18
Europe Belarus .by $31.13
Europe Belgium .be $10.55
Europe Bosnia .ba $59.27
Europe Bulgaria .bg $59.27
Europe Croatia .hr $160.80
Europe Czech Republic .cz $12.25
Europe Denmark .dk $12.04
Europe Estonia .ee $44.16
Europe Finland .fi $19.88
Europe France .fr $11.14
Europe Georgia .ge $192.98
Europe Germany .de $7.89
Europe Greece .gr $19.88
Europe Greenland .gl $53.01
Europe Guernsey .gg $89.48
Europe Hungary .hu $14.25
Europe Iceland .is $58.97
Europe Ireland .ie $32.91
Europe Isle of Man .im $13.77
Europe Italy .it $9.07
Europe Jersey .je $89.48
Europe Latvia .lv $21.81
Europe Liechtenstein .li $10.86
Europe Lithuania .lt $19.88
Europe Luxembourg .lu $25.51
Europe Macedonia .mk $59.27
Europe Moldova .md $207.96
Europe Montenegro .me $21.81
Europe Netherlands .nl $9.96
Europe Norway .no $14.71
Europe Poland .pl $21.39
Europe Portugal .pt $22.69
Europe Romania .ro $13.68
Europe Russia .ru $8.28
Europe San Marino .sm $150.93
Europe Serbia .rs $51.60
Europe Slovakia .sk $36.76
Europe Slovenia .si $28.32
Europe Soviet Union .su $31.68
Europe Spain .es $10.26
Europe Sweden .se $19.13
Europe Switzerland .ch $10.86
Europe United Kingdom .uk $11.03
North America Antigua and Barbuda .ag $116.88
North America Aruba .ax $40.46
North America Ascension Island .ac $37.20
North America Bahamas .bs $154.80
North America Belize .bz $25.80
North America British Virgin Islands .vg $10.56
North America Costa Rica .cr $124.44
North America Cuba .cu $944.16
North America Dominica .dm $154.80
North America Dominican Republic .do $78.96
North America Grenada .gd $10.56
North America Guadeloupe .gp $115.39
North America Guatemala .gt $94.08
North America Haiti .ht $116.88
North America Honduras .hn $87.96
North America Martinique .mq $134.19
North America Mexico .com.mx $24.36
North America Mexico .mx $39.96
North America Montserrat .ms $33.36
North America Netherlands Antilles .an $78.96
North America Nicaragua .com.ni $95.64
North America Nicaragua .ni $768.12
North America Panama .com.pa $40.92
North America Puerto Rico .pr $1,521.00
North America Saint Lucia .lc $30.36
North America Saint-Pierre and Miquelon .pm $12.03
North America Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .vc $40.92
North America Sint Maarten .sx $31.80
North America Trinidad & Tobago .tt $306.60
North America Turks and Caicos Islands .tc $134.19
North America United States .us $18.54
Oceania American Samoa .as $78.96
Oceania Australia .com.au $21.60
Oceania Christmas Island .cx $44.28
Oceania Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cc $44.94
Oceania East Timor .tl $50.15
Oceania Federated States of Micronesia .fm $94.08
Oceania French Southern and Antarctic Lands .tf $12.03
Oceania Heard Island and McDonald Islands .hm $56.16
Oceania Kiribati .ki $1,181.72
Oceania New Caledonia .nc $29.52
Oceania New Zealand .nz $19.78
Oceania Niue .nu $20.19
Oceania Norfolk Island .nf $183.60
Oceania Palau .pw $12.12
Oceania Samoa .ws $31.80
Oceania Solomon Islands .sb $73.72
Oceania Tokelau .tk $8.18
Oceania Tuvalu .tv $44.94
Oceania Vanuatu .vu $78.96
Oceania Wallis and Futuna .wf $12.03
South America Argentina .com.ar $32.04
South America Bolivia .bo $258.00
South America Brazil .com.br $17.94
South America Chile .cl $17.16
South America Colombia .com.co $15.12
South America Ecuador .ec $71.28
South America French Guiana .gf $143.52
South America Guyana .gy $40.92
South America Peru .pe $63.72
South America Suriname .sr $116.88
South America Uruguay .uy $77.40
South America Venezuela .com.ve $51.60

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