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Cloud Email Hosting :: POP + IMAP + SMTP Relay

Why Email Hosting? email hosting


Get email addresses of your own domain and access / send emails anywhere. You can either use email client (i.e. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail) or use WebMail to read and send emails. Now is the time for you to create your very own email address that you can call your own.

Email Hosting Service Highlights

Get email addresses of your own domain
Alternate SMTP port 2525 to relay sending in case your ISP blocks port 25
Unlimited mailboxes
Unlimited e-mail forwards
Auto response (vacation message) for every email address.
Spam filtering / Anti Virus Scanning
Greylisting option for your emails.
POP3 and IMAP support plus SMTP Relay
Webmail to access emails anywhere
You purchase the total storage space for the domain and you upgrade the limit anytime you need more.
You have the option to apply quota(storage) space for your own mailboxes
Real time creation of mailboxes.


  Price is based on the storage space for your emails. There is not limit on how many mailboxes or email forwards you can setup. You have the option to limit the storage space for your own mailboxes to avoid one mailbox takes the whole storage space for your domain.

  350 MB - $19.95 / domain / year
500 MB - $29.95 / domain / year
750 MB - $55.95 / domain / year
1000 MB - $79.95 / domain / year
1500 MB - $109.95 / domain / year
2000 MB - $149.95 / domain / year
3000 MB - $189.95 / domain / year
5000 MB - $249.95 / domain / year
7500 MB - $369.95 / domain / year
10000 MB - $469.95 / domain / year

Instructions to Setup Mail Clients


We have written instructions on how to configure several common mail programs to work with the our Mail Relay Outbound service. Choose your mail program from below; if you don't see your mail program listed, consult that program's documentation for instructions on how to set up SMTP with a server that requires authentication.


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