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               Create DNS

Before setting up DNS for your domain, you must make sure your domain is pointing to our name servers.
Not owning a registered domain yet, you may want to use one of our free Second-Level Domains.


Please select the method to create DNS for the domain:
DNS Express (recommended)
If you are new to DNS and you simply want to link a domain name to your DSL/Cable Modem IP address. It automatically assigns your current IP to "yourdomain.com" and "www.yourdomain.com". You can add/edit Mail Exchanger, subdomains(A), or aliases(CNAME) later. DNS Express

DNS Wizard
Step by step guide to setup DNS for your domain. Requires no DNS knowledge to setup DNS. DNS Wizard

DNS Supports: Dynamic DNS, IPv6, Reverse DNS. You can always modify DNS with advanced features after the DNS has been created with the above tools.



To Verify DNS Settings for domain:


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