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The domain price includes:
  • Free Domain Parking
  • Free Domain Parking Page (coming soon page)
  • Free Dynamic DNS or Static DNS Services
  • Free Web/URL Forwarding with cloaking option.
  • No Hidden Costs
  • region country tld price
    .biz $12.95
    .cc $34.95
    .com $12.95
    .info $12.95
    .net $12.95
    .org $12.95
    .tv $34.95
    .us $12.95
    Europe European Union .eu $9.96
    North America Canada .ca $18.24
    South America Colombia .co $33.36
    Africa British Indian Ocean Territories .io $37.20
    Africa Burundi .bi $68.60
    Africa Cameroon .cm $115.39
    Africa Central African Republic .cf $11.14
    Africa Democratic Republic of Congo .cd $75.84
    Africa Djibouti .dj $77.93
    Africa Gabon .ga $11.14
    Africa Libia .ly $116.88
    Africa Madagascar .mg $143.52
    Africa Malawi .mw $78.96
    Africa Mali .ml $11.14
    Africa Mauritius .mu $86.52
    Africa Mayotte .yt $12.03
    Africa Morocco .ma $69.84
    Africa Namibia .na $6,465.44
    Africa Nigeria .ng $153.24
    Africa Republic of Congo .cg $424.42
    Africa Rwanda .rw $439.82
    Africa Senegal .sn $77.93
    Africa Seychelles .sc $116.88
    Africa Sierra Leone .sl $78.96
    Africa Somalia .so $78.96
    Africa South Africa .co.za $9.44
    Africa Sudan .sd $203.40
    Africa Togo .tg $117.31
    Africa Tonga .to $78.96
    Africa Uganda .ug $47.76
    Asia Afghanistan .af $94.08
    Asia Azerbaijan .az $463.22
    Asia China .cn $20.94
    Asia Hong Kong .hk $51.35
    Asia India .in $12.24
    Asia Iran .ir $40.46
    Asia Japan .jp $38.64
    Asia Kazakhstan .kz $27.24
    Asia Kyrgyzstan .kg $71.28
    Asia Laos .la $40.92
    Asia Malaysia .my $45.48
    Asia Mongolia .mn $56.16
    Asia Pakistan .pk $56.16
    Asia Phillipines .ph $56.16
    Asia Singapore .sg $47.04
    Asia South Korea .kr $30.36
    Asia Sri Lanka .lk $39.48
    Asia Taiwan .tw $26.28
    Asia Tajikistan .tj $59.27
    Asia Turkmenistan .tm $124.44
    Asia Ukraine .ua $69.24
    Asia Uzbekistan .uz $129.00
    Asia Vietnam .vn $87.96
    Europe Albania .al $28.08
    Europe Anguilla .ai $78.96
    Europe Armenia .am $40.92
    Europe Austria .at $16.18
    Europe Belarus .by $31.13
    Europe Belgium .be $10.55
    Europe Bosnia .ba $59.27
    Europe Bulgaria .bg $59.27
    Europe Croatia .hr $160.80
    Europe Czech Republic .cz $12.25
    Europe Denmark .dk $12.04
    Europe Estonia .ee $44.16
    Europe Finland .fi $19.88
    Europe France .fr $11.14
    Europe Georgia .ge $192.98
    Europe Germany .de $7.89
    Europe Greece .gr $19.88
    Europe Greenland .gl $53.01
    Europe Guernsey .gg $89.48
    Europe Hungary .hu $14.25
    Europe Iceland .is $58.97
    Europe Ireland .ie $32.91
    Europe Isle of Man .im $13.77
    Europe Italy .it $9.07
    Europe Jersey .je $89.48
    Europe Latvia .lv $21.81
    Europe Liechtenstein .li $10.86
    Europe Lithuania .lt $19.88
    Europe Luxembourg .lu $25.51
    Europe Macedonia .mk $59.27
    Europe Moldova .md $207.96
    Europe Montenegro .me $21.81
    Europe Netherlands .nl $9.96
    Europe Norway .no $14.71
    Europe Poland .pl $21.39
    Europe Portugal .pt $22.69
    Europe Romania .ro $13.68
    Europe Russia .ru $8.28
    Europe San Marino .sm $150.93
    Europe Serbia .rs $51.60
    Europe Slovakia .sk $36.76
    Europe Slovenia .si $28.32
    Europe Soviet Union .su $31.68
    Europe Spain .es $10.26
    Europe Sweden .se $19.13
    Europe Switzerland .ch $10.86
    Europe United Kingdom .uk $11.03
    North America Antigua and Barbuda .ag $116.88
    North America Aruba .ax $40.46
    North America Ascension Island .ac $37.20
    North America Bahamas .bs $154.80
    North America Belize .bz $25.80
    North America British Virgin Islands .vg $10.56
    North America Costa Rica .cr $124.44
    North America Cuba .cu $944.16
    North America Dominica .dm $154.80
    North America Dominican Republic .do $78.96
    North America Grenada .gd $10.56
    North America Guadeloupe .gp $115.39
    North America Guatemala .gt $94.08
    North America Haiti .ht $116.88
    North America Honduras .hn $87.96
    North America Martinique .mq $134.19
    North America Mexico .com.mx $24.36
    North America Mexico .mx $39.96
    North America Montserrat .ms $33.36
    North America Netherlands Antilles .an $78.96
    North America Nicaragua .com.ni $95.64
    North America Nicaragua .ni $768.12
    North America Panama .com.pa $40.92
    North America Puerto Rico .pr $1,521.00
    North America Saint Lucia .lc $30.36
    North America Saint-Pierre and Miquelon .pm $12.03
    North America Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .vc $40.92
    North America Sint Maarten .sx $31.80
    North America Trinidad & Tobago .tt $306.60
    North America Turks and Caicos Islands .tc $134.19
    North America United States .us $18.54
    Oceania American Samoa .as $78.96
    Oceania Australia .com.au $21.60
    Oceania Christmas Island .cx $44.28
    Oceania Cocos (Keeling) Islands .cc $44.94
    Oceania East Timor .tl $50.15
    Oceania Federated States of Micronesia .fm $94.08
    Oceania French Southern and Antarctic Lands .tf $12.03
    Oceania Heard Island and McDonald Islands .hm $56.16
    Oceania Kiribati .ki $1,181.72
    Oceania New Caledonia .nc $29.52
    Oceania New Zealand .nz $19.78
    Oceania Niue .nu $20.19
    Oceania Norfolk Island .nf $183.60
    Oceania Palau .pw $12.12
    Oceania Samoa .ws $31.80
    Oceania Solomon Islands .sb $73.72
    Oceania Tokelau .tk $8.18
    Oceania Tuvalu .tv $44.94
    Oceania Vanuatu .vu $78.96
    Oceania Wallis and Futuna .wf $12.03
    South America Argentina .com.ar $32.04
    South America Bolivia .bo $258.00
    South America Brazil .com.br $17.94
    South America Chile .cl $17.16
    South America Colombia .com.co $15.12
    South America Ecuador .ec $71.28
    South America French Guiana .gf $143.52
    South America Guyana .gy $40.92
    South America Peru .pe $63.72
    South America Suriname .sr $116.88
    South America Uruguay .uy $77.40
    South America Venezuela .com.ve $51.60

    Transfer to dnsExit will simply extend registration 1 year and it is same rate. You get full refund if transfer fails; however, new domain name registration fees are non-refundable.


    The basic rules for registering domain names are as follows:

    Use only letters, numbers or dashes (-)
    Name cannot begin or end with a dash
    Name cannot have more than 67 characters (including .com, .net, and .org)
    .info and .biz must have at least 3 characters not including .info or .biz
    Domain names are not case sensitive
    Domain names cannot include spaces


    Why do you need a Domain Name?

    A domain name (or web address) is your unique Internet address, the location of your website. Equally important, it is your e-mail address (you@yourdomain.com, you@your-business.com).

    Register your domain to distinguish yourself and promote your business. Your domain e-mail address will never change, even if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP)!


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