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Products and Services

Email Relay outbound EMail Relay Outbound
On Sale: 30% OFF

Resolve email delivery problems.

Mail Outbound Relay on both standard and non-standard SMTP ports (25, 26, 940, 80, 587 and 2525). Resolve your email problems like ISP blocking outbound SMTP port 25 or any email delivery issues.
Email Hosting Service EMail Hosting
(POP3 + SMTP Relay)
On Sale: 50% OFF

Complete mail service for your domain with SMTP Relay. Support POP3, IMAP with webmail access. Unlimited mailboxes and mail forwards. With Virus/Spam Filters and auto response messages.

Email backup and rescue EMail Backup + Rescue
Will give your mail server the backup it needs when it's unavailable. Our mail servers will act as a backup to your existing mail server for redundancy. When your mail servers are not available, emails to your domain will be routed to our mail server and spooled. Our email server will monitor your email server and deliver the emails to your primary email server once it is available.
Email forwarding EMail Forwarding
Forward your domain emails to existing email addresses. It does not mater how your real email address changes. You can always forward the emails to new email address. For example, we can forward sales@yourdomain.com to an existing email address such as yourname@hotmail.com.
Email Redirection - smtp port blocked EMail Redirection
Allow you to host your own Email servers for your domains even with your inbound SMTP port 25 blocked by your ISP.
The Service dedicates our email server as the primary mail exchanger for your domain while emails will be routed to your server at none-standard opened SMTP ports.
Email Redirection - smtp port blocked EMail Marketing Relay
On Sale: 40% OFF

Email marketing is the highly effective marketing strategy for prospects and customers.
Unlike other Email Marketing services, our service is not limited by the number of contacts or subscribers. You can sent to as many email addresses as you like once total sending is under the sign up limit.


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