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               Mail Relay Outbound Service - 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed

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Mail Relay FAQ

The service is beneficial to a traveler on the road, whose company does not provide a server that allows remotely authenticated relaying, or whose ISP blocks outgoing SMTP port. It provides a secure, authenticated outbound SMTP relay server, operating both on standard and non-standard ports (25, 26, 940, 8001, 587, 2525 and 80). The service can be also used as Smart Host for your MS Exchange server that having problems to send emails to AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail addresses.

Our mail servers authenticate incoming emails by login/password that you choose for your relay account. We also provide IP Based Authentication that allows all emails coming from your chosen IP to relay through our mail server without any authentication. We do not impose any restrictions on the send-from e-mail addresses or IP addresses.

Set your outgoing SMTP to relay.dnsexit.com to use our mail server for outgoing messages. In case the server is down, relaybackup.dnsexit.com is available to serve you. However, you should not use the backup server unless the default server is down. The maximum message size for the backup server is only 15 MB instead of 25 MB.


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Importing/Exporting Contacts
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Impressive Email Templates
Sendmail Tracking and Reporting
Email Lists Managements


You may need the service in the following situations:
• ISP blocks outgoing SMTP port 25 to prevent you from sending emails (we open port 25, 26, 940, 8001, 587, 2525 and 80 to relay)  
• Traveling on the road and need to send emails from your laptop.
• AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail reject e-mails sent from e-mail server running on residential DSL/Cable lines with dynamic (even static) IP.
• Exchange server has no reversed DNS or has dynamic IP thus results in sending out emails being rejected.You can use our mail server as Smart Host for your Mail Exchanger.
Mail Relay Highlights
Instant account creation - start sending emails instantly after signing up.
Send emails from any address - no limit on send from email addresses or domains.
Alternative SMTP ports - additional ports 25, 26, 940, 587, 8001, 2525 and 80 to void your ISP blocking standard SMTP port 25.
25 MB Message size - the maximum size for a message is 25 MB.
500 recipients per email - the maximum recipients per email message is 500.
IP Based Authentication - allows emails coming from your chosen IP address to go through without authentication
Unknown Email Capturing - All User Unknown email addresses are captured and available online for your review.
Overage Deposit - to keep your account open after exceeding relay limit.

Fully refundable within 30 days of the payment if service is not satisfied. The following prices are based on yearly subscription.
    150 relays per day - $1.50/ month
    300 relays per day - $2.49/ month
    450 relays per day - $3.69/ month
    600 relays per day - $4.79/ month
    900 relays per day - $7.95/ month
    1200 relays per day - $10.95/ month
    1500 relays per day - $14.99/ month
    2000 relays per day - $19.99/ month
    3000 relays per day - $28.99/ month
    4000 relays per day - $38.99/ month
    5000 relays per day - $48.99/ month
    6000 relays per day - $58.99/ month
    8000 relays per day - $77.99/ month
One "relay" is counted for each recipient of a message you send. That is, one message, sent to 50 recipients, counts as 50 "relays." 50 different messages, each sent to only one recipient, also counts as 50 "relays." Relay counters are reset each night at midnight in the US Eastern time zone. Please contact us for a quote if you need to send large volume of emails.

Extra monthly charge of $1.25 per IP if you need IP Based Relay to your IP address.

Documents to setup mail clients or servers

We have written instructions on how to configure several common mail programs to work with the our Mail Relay Outbound service. Choose your mail program from below; if you don't see your mail program listed, consult that program's documentation for instructions on how to set up SMTP with a server that requires authentication.

How to Signup
If you have not signup an account with us yet, please signup a free account first. If you already got an account, click here to setup mail relay.

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